👋🏻 Introduction

Welcome to Owl API

A web3 development framework that simplifies creating, deploying, and managing smart contracts while seamlessly integrating web3 features into your applications.

At its core, our API offers a set of REST APIs that facilitate interaction with any EVM-chain. These APIs enable developers to create and manage users, contracts, integrations, and wallets across EVM chains.

Our dedication to removing the barriers that have traditionally made blockchain technology intimidating for teams and developers sets us apart. We have made these interactions as straightforward as making HTTP requests. This ensures that any developer can begin their web3 development journey with ease. Whether you choose to make HTTP calls or utilize our dashboard, you will experience a level of convenience.

Under the hood, Owl API offers:

  1. Streamlined Wallet Experience: Say goodbye to dealing with private keys or complex crypto on/off ramps when writing transactions or deploying contracts. Both developers and end users can log in effortlessly. Interact with the application, without encountering gas transaction obstacles.

  2. Efficient Contracts Architecture: Our architecture offers benefits by integrating beacons and factory deployment. This leads to cost savings through reduced gas expenses, simplifies development by focusing on contract logic, provides version control for updates, management enhances security by isolating vulnerabilities, ensures scalability to accommodate growth, and enables quick adaptation to changing projects/contract requirements.

  3. Deterministic Contract Deployment: With the introduction of EIP 1014 contracts can be consistently deployed across networks while maintaining the same address variable. Businesses can confidently anticipate how their contracts will behave and function regardless of the network they are operating on.

  4. Integration with Web 2 platforms: Connect seamlessly with Shopify, CRMs, Square, and Social Media APIs to integrate databases and interactions into your user experience.

If you need support integrating with our API or have any questions, please contact us in our Discord or email us at [email protected]

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