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Deploying Owl Protocol in a rollup environment and exploring the Zapier Integration

In this tutorial, we'll learn how to integrate the Owl Protocol stack in a roll-up environment. This will enable quick deployment and management of contracts, wallets, and over 6000 integrations with the Owl API and Platform. Following that, we'll demonstrate how to use the Minting API with Zapier integration to automate NFT ticketing for users registered at an Eventbrite-hosted event.

Part 1: Equipping Your Rollup with Owl Protocol

Observation: You can skip this step if you're using already integrated networks or rollups.


  1. Your Rollup has already been deployed.
  2. You have the RPC URL and Chain ID


  1. Log into the Owl Platform (https://dashboard.owlprotocol.xyz/)
  2. Create your team
  3. Start a new project

  1. Select "Add Custom Network"
  2. Enter a name for the network, then paste your RPC URL and Chain ID
  1. Fund your utility address using testnet Sepolia ETH

Once this is set up, you're ready to make your first API call!

Part 2: Setting up your Collection Project and NFT Metadata

Next, we'll create a collection for the assets being minted in our integration.

  • If you're not using your own Rollup, you can utilize the Owl Hedwig Testnet or any of the networks available on the dashboard.


  1. Enter an existing project or create a new one.

  1. Click on "Create Collection".

  1. Enter your Collection Name and Collection Symbol. Currently, we only allow Unique Items (ERC721) for the collection.
  1. Now that we've created the collection, we'll integrate Zapier to manage both the NFT metadata and the minting triggers. ⚡

Part 3: Using Zapier to integrate Eventbrite and Owl API

Let's now integrate our collection with an Eventbrite Event. Any newly registered attendee will receive an NFT ticket. Behind the scenes, we also create smart wallets tied to their emails. This will allow them to log in later, check their assets and enjoy various benefits from our wallet architecture.


  1. You've created an event on Eventbrite.

Next Steps:

  1. Log into Zapier and create a new Zap.

From the Zapier dashboard, click on "Create a new Zap." Select Eventbrite as the trigger and choose "Updated Attendee" as the event.

  1. Once you've connected your Eventbrite account, select the event you're hosting and then test the trigger.

  1. Select 'Owl Protocol (2.0.2)' for your Action, then choose 'Mint ERC721' for the Event.

This action will take place following the trigger from the previous step. For example, a new event attendee registration will trigger the action of minting an NFT to the attendee's email.

  1. Connect your Owl Protocol account and provide the necessary Action information.

a. For Chain ID, enter 130130 if you used Owl Protocol Hedwig. Alternatively, you must provide the Chain ID of the respective network where you created the collection.

b. Retrieve your collection address from the Owl Protocol Dashboard and paste it into “Collection Address.”

c. For the "To" field, select the Profile Email data we collected from the Eventbrite trigger.

d. You will only use the “Token Template ID” if you have created different item types or assets. For instance, if you have different ticket types like Platinum, Gold, or Regular. In this example, we are not using it.

e. Field “Name" refers to the name of the NFT. You can use the name of your Eventbrite event or the ticket class name for this.

f. The description and image are optional and can be customized. Additionally, if a Token Template ID is used, the token image and description will be automatically populated.

  1. You can verify your integration by running a test. If the test is successful, proceed to launch your Zap. You can then track all the tickets created through our Dashboard or by checking the logs in Zapier.


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